till gathmann
artist, book designer

till.gathmann at"gmail-dot_com
leipzig, germany

fragmentary lists in vague chronological order book design / typography / conceptual collaborations artistic projects (43) Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh/Rozenn Quéré, Vies possibles et imaginaires; Éditions Photosynthèses (Arles, F). (44) Clemens von Wedemeyer, Muster (Rushes), 3-channel fim installation; dOCUMENTA(13) (Kassel, D), [information board]. (45) Robert Morris, Hearing / Edited and commented by Gregor Stemmrich; Spector Books (Leipzig, D). (46) Stephanie Kiwitt, Wondelgemse Meersen; Kodoji Press (Baden, CH). (47) LIGNA, An Alle! Radio, Theater, Stadt; Spector Books (Leipzig, D). (48) Camera Austria International [re-design]. First issue (113): March 2011. (49) Olaf Nicolai, Escalier du Chant; Pinakothek der Moderne (München, D), [music note-books, design concept] in collab. w/ Helmut Völter. (50) Clemens von Wedemeyer, The Repetition Festival Show; Project Art Centre (Dublin, IR), Fondazione Galleria Civica (Trento, I), [guide]. (51) Clemens von Wedemeyer, Occupation, From the opposite Side, Otjesd, Against Death [movie posters]. (52) Marco Poloni, A very wobble unstable drop; Kunsthalle Bern (CH) / Kodoji Press (Baden, CH), [newspaper]. (53) Peggy Buth, Katalog / Desire in Representation; Spector Books (Leipzig, D). (54) Clemens von Wedemeyer, first contact / film material no. 4; Spector Books (Leipzig, D) / Archive Books (Berlin, D/Turin, I), [newspaper]. (55) Paolo Chiasera, Relic and Fetish; Argo Books (Berlin, D) (56) Olaf Nicolai, Apollo; Boijmans van Beunigen Museum (Rotterdam, NL). (57) Clemens von Wedemeyer, Drehbuch / Screenplay; Spector Books (Leipzig, D). (58) Olaf Nicolai, Pour Finir Encore; Padiglione Arte Contemporanea (Ferrara, I), in collab. w/ Helmut Völter. (59) Peggy Buth, Desire in Representation, Vol. 1: Travelling through the Museé Royale, Vol. 2: O, My Kalulu; Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht, NL) (60) Mona Vătămanu / Florin Tudor, Dissolving Absolute Structures; Revolver Publishing by VVV (Berlin, D). (61) Sven Johne, Leben und Sterben in Ostdeutschland und anderswo; Revolver (Frankfurt a.M., D) (62) Ricarda Roggan, Attica / Schacht / Stall; Fotohof Edition (Salzburg, A) (63) Jürgen Bergbauer, Studien nach der Natur; Fotohof Edition (Salzburg, A) (64) Per Barclay, Interiør, Teknisk Industri A/S (Oslo, NOR) (r) Drawing piece; Performance w/ slide projectors, colored bars. rotation / play; ASPN, (Leipzig, D) (q) Proposal for a Walldrawing, 13+1 photocopies, DIN A4, stapled. An Exchange with Sol LeWitt; MASS MoCa, North Adams (USA) (p) Tracage automatique; floor drawing [by Francesco Ambrosio] (graphite stick on concrete), app. 8 × 16 m. Give and Take; Careof, Viafarini (Milano, I). (o) Notes on Fascism I; wall drawing w/ graphite stick, app. 2 × 2,50 m. Corso Aperto, Villa di Grumello (Como, I). Ex. within the XVI Advanced Course in Visual Arts (Visiting professor Hans Haacke). (n) Working Clothes; clothes on staircase rail. Corso Aperto, Villa di Grumello (Como, I). Ex. within the XVI Advanced Course in Visual Arts (Visiting professor Hans Haacke). (m) The Fascist Kindergarten; 81 b/w-slides (loop), poster, 70 × 100 cm. Kabinett der Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig, D), w/ photographs by Günther Förg. (l) The Father; tableau (44 digital c-prints / 14 laser-prints), 142 × 154 cm. Placed in the heat of the night. Westfälischer Kunstverein (Münster, D) (k) Spanningen / Tanzreigen; drawing on photocopy, 70 × 100 cm, video, 11 min (loop), grey painted wall, label 14 × 10 cm. Amnesie; Kunstverein Leipzig (D). (j) Kallir. Installation: HD-video, 17 min (loop), painting, 60 × 60 cm, poster on grey wall, 70 × 100 cm, b/w-poster on pallet, painted words on wall, video-slideshow, 13 min (loop). Kallir. archiv massiv (Leipzig, D) (i) Monument for Boris Lurie; glue, ash, dirt, cigarettes, paint roller, buckets, 6 × 3,5 m. Rundgang, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (D)